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You can't build a house without a blueprint. We help you define what to say and when to say it. Best of all, we can execute too!​

Email Editorial Calendar​

We help you understand how your customers or prospects operate to
establish the most effective timing, frequency, content, and calls-to-action for
your email marketing. We deliver expert advice in communication and
conversion strategy, designing a 90-, 180-, and 365-day calendar of your customized editorial content.

Stragetic Insights and Development

Our expert email services include insightful analysis of your current email
strategy and development of the ideal campaign to reach your email goals.
Let us help you to improve ROI, increase response rates, and reduce
subscriber attrition.

Onboarding Email Series

Designing the appropriate email series to welcome new subscribers and
drive them toward your point of conversion is essential to the success of your
campaign goals. We help you design, develop and deploy your onboarding
emails for best results.

"Vision is a destination - a fixed point to which we focus all effort.
Strategy is a route - an adaptable path to get us where we want to go."

- Simon Sinek

Email Engagement Strategy

We help you discern what email engagement means for your brand and
your goals. Learn to engage new subscribers and provide strategies that
keep your existing customers engaged throughout their life cycle journey.
From opting-in and opening emails to ultimately converting, we will guide
you to email marketing success.

Email List Growth Strategy

Growing your email list is an essential part of any email marketing program,
and the quality of your subscribes is much more important than the quantity.
We help you determine the best offers and calls-to-action to ensure quality
subscribers are opting-in.

Retention Strategy

Nothing is harder than retaining your subscribers. It's a lot easier to keep
a customer than to get a new one. We show you proven techniques that
help keep your subscribers engaged; and, if they decide to leave, we plant
the seeds for an easy return.

CASL Compliance Strategy​

Anyone emailing to Canadians needs to be aware of CASL and its intricacies.
Deciphering legal mumbo-jumbo is not easy, while planning how to stay
complaint is. Allow our team to develop a strategy that ensures you stay on
the right side of the law.


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