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Standard email marketing reports are old school. Learn real-
time insight into the performance of your email marketing
campaigns with our interactive reporting dashboard. We
help you tailor beautiful and meaningful email reports so
gain new marketing insights.

Click, Open, Bounce and Unsubscribe

Click, Open, Bounce and Unsubscribe Reports are the basics of any email
campaign reporting. These standard reports are available in bar chart, line
graph, pie chart, or any way you wish to view them, for quick access and
analysis of basic statistics.

Advanced Reporting

Gain real-time insight into the performance of your email campaigns, over
time, with details on how specific audience segments respond to your emails.
Use a suite of pre-defined and custom email tracking reports.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics closes the loop between your email campaign and your website
tracking. Understand your email audience as a new referral source in your
Google Analytics or other web-reporting tool. Our unique tagging system
allows you to close the loop for advanced conversion tracking.

"If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing."

- W. Edward Deming

Reporting Dashboards

Why just look at numbers when you can visualize results in meaningful
graphs, charts and trend lines that make those numbers come alive? Our
reports help people see and understand data.

RFM - Recency, Frequency and
Monetary Reports

"Recency, Frequency and Monetary" are music to any online retailer's ears.
Get instant access to performance metrics that allow you to make smart
business decisions in real time.


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