The eMail Company


From small eMail lists to large databases, our experts
constantly analyze your eMail data to help you make the most of your marketing campaigns.

CRM Integration

We have the expertise to connect your Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, ACT!,
Sage, or any other CRM you can think of, directly into whatever email platform
you choose. The benefit is that you harness all your data without rebuilding
the wheel. We show you how to integrate, personalize content and track
emails, all through your preferred CRM.

Email List Consolidation

Is your data in multiple places, making it difficult to know if you have
duplicates, out-of-date or poorly formatted information? By consolidation your
email list data, you can ensure you have one centralized database of record to
serve your ongoing email needs.

Email Address Verification

If you're collecting new subscribers or getting bounces on current list, you
need Email Address Verification and validation to ensure your databases are
accurate, remove fake address (i.e. honeypots, spam-traps, and more), and
correct format issues (i.e.,, etc).You'll notice an
uptick in deliverability almost immediately and protect your sender reputation.

"Without data, you are just another person
with an opinion."

- Andreas Schleicher

Profile & Subscription Management‚Äč

Why change your subscribers' email address when you can allow them to
change it themselves? Put the power into their hands to control their own
subscriber profile and, better yet, which publications they would like to
receive. Subscription management allows your subscribers to opt-down
versus opting-out completely, preserving your subscribers in the long run.l


The number one way to find out an answer is to ask the question or, in our
case, multiple questions. Whether it is a single web poll or a multi-question
survey with conditional branching, we know how to extract the answers you
need to make smart business decisions.


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