The eMail Company


We help you integrate your email marketing efforts across
mobile, social and web media. Let us help you turn your
tweets and posts into engaging communication that grows

Mobile Messaging - SMS and Push

Create, send, receive and track mobile (SMS) text messages to expand
communication with your customers and provide information where and when
they want it. SMS communications can be automated, including powering your
mobile apps with Push notifications, so you can reach your customers both at
their messaging inbox and through their mobile app notifications.

Web & Social Integration

We ask that you not come to us to build your website or social media plan.
Instead, we'll help you utilize your website and social media to collect new
subscribers. Consider utilizing new landing pages and web forms to add
additional subscribers touch points, as well as empowering your Facebook,
Twitter and Instagram profiles to drive new subscribers based on content and

"We embed social media inside our processes. Let's look at our processes and see how we can enhance them with social."

- Sandy Carter

RSS Integration‚Äč

Utilize our RSS Integration technology, allowing you to take any RSS feed
from a website or blog and power your email newsletter with new
content. Utilizing RSS allows you to repurpose content with the push of a
button, rather than spending long hours picking and choosing and
reformatting articles from web to email.

Offline, Direct and Out-of-Home Media

Utilize our strategic thinking and insight to help you empower your Offline,
Direct and Out-of-Home Media. We'll help you promote your email programs,
drive subscription traffic and close the loop on conversion, harnessing and
integrating your email interaction with the offline word.


Let's Talk eMail

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