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eMail Marketing is not easy!
We’ve been helping companies since 1998 by providing
the ideas, services and technology to generate great results.

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 Self Service

 Get access to state of the art email marketing tools plus the training and support to use them.

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Blended Service

Enhance your email marketing activities with our professional services on an as-needed basis. 

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Full Service

We take care of your email marketing programs. We cover you from strategy to reporting.

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Our Name Says it All

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We are an email marketing agency whose sole focus is to engage customers @ the inbox. We have the experience and technology to help you execute your next email marketing campaign.


You can’t build a house without a blue print. We’ll help you define what to say and when to say it! Best of all, we can execute it too!


Why send a welcome message when we can build you and on boarding series or even a lifecycle journey? Whether it’s commercial or transactional we know how to integrate into other platforms too.


From small lists to large data , our experts are constantly analyzing data to help you make the most of your email campaigns.


Standard click and open rates reports are old. Learn real-time insight into the performance of your campaigns when you use our interactive reporting dashboard. We help you make meaningful reports.


Creating eMail messages that render well on desktop, tablet and mobile is more than an art, it’s a science. Our designers can do both!


We can help you integrate your email marketing efforts across mobile, social and web. Let us help you turn your tweets and posts into engaging communication that grows subscribers.


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From web forms, polls, surveys, emails and landing pages,

here is a select collection of work we have done.

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Leaders, Thinkers, Designers, Coders

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Jeff Ginsberg

Chief eMail Officer

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Pratheep Siva

Project Manager

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Stuart Rosenfarb

Director of Client Services

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Director of Cuddles

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Arti Gullaiya

Email Designer

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Michael Saikaly

Project Manager

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Let’s Talk eMail!

Call anytime 877-We-eMail we really do answer or book a meeting face to face.

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