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We help you define what to say and when to say it. Best of all, we can execute too!

Email marketing strategic insights & development

Strategic Insights and Development

Our expert email services include insightful analysis of your current email strategy and development of the ideal campaign to reach your email goals. Let us help you to improve ROI, increase response rates, and reduce subscriber attrition.

Email Editorial Calendar

We help you understand how your customers or prospects operate to establish the most effective timing, frequency, content, and calls-to-action for your email marketing. We deliver expert advice in communication and conversion strategy, designing a 90-, 180-, and 365-day calendar of your customized editorial content.

Email marketing editorial calendar

Onboarding email marketing series

Onboarding Email Series

Designing the appropriate email series to welcome new subscribers and drive them toward your point of conversion is essential to the success of your campaign goals. We help you design, develop and deploy your onboarding emails for best results.

Email Engagement Strategy

We help you discern what email engagement means for your brand and your goals. Learn to engage new subscribers and provide strategies that keep your existing customers engaged throughout their life cycle journey. From opting-in and opening emails to ultimately converting, we will guide you to email marketing success.

 Email marketing engagement strategy
 Email marketing list growth strategy

Email List Growth Strategy

Growing your email list is an essential part of any email marketing program, and the quality of your subscribers is much more important than the quantity. We help you determine the best offers and calls-to-action to ensure quality subscribers are opting-in.

Retention Strategy

Nothing is harder than retaining your subscribers. It’s a lot easier to keep a customer than to get a new one. We show you proven techniques that help keep your subscribers engaged; and, if they decide to leave, we plant the seeds for an easy return.

 Email marketing retention strategy
 Email marketing multi-channel strategy

Multi-Channel Strategy

We help you integrate online and offline, direct and out-of-home media. Email, mobile, social and web marketing are just the beginning! Our email marketing company has all your channels covered.

CASL Compliance Strategy

Anyone emailing to Canadians needs to be aware of CASL and its intricacies. Deciphering legal mumbo-jumbo is not easy, while planning how to stay compliant is. Allow our team to develop a strategy that ensures you stay on the right side of the law.

Email marketing CASL compliance strategy


From small lists to large databases, our experts constantly analyze your data to
help you make the most of your email campaigns.

Email marketing CRM integration

CRM Integration

We have the expertise to connect your Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, ACT!, Sage, or any other CRM you can think of, directly into whatever email platform you choose. The benefit is that you harness all your data without rebuilding the wheel. We show you how to integrate, personalize content and track emails, all through your preferred CRM.

Email List Consolidation

Is your data in multiple places, making it difficult to know if you have duplicates, out-of-date or poorly formatted information? By consolidating your email list data, you can ensure you have one centralized database of record to serve your ongoing email needs.

Email marketing list consolidation

Email address verification

Email Address Verification

If you’re collecting new subscribers or getting bounces on current list, you need Email Address Verification and validation to ensure your databases are accurate, remove fake address (i.e. honeypots, spam-traps, and more), and correct format issues (i.e.,, etc.). You’ll notice an uptick in deliverability almost immediately and protect your sender reputation.

Profile & Subscription Management

Why change your subscribers’ email address when you can allow them to change it themselves? Put the power into their hands to control their own subscriber profile and, better yet, which publications they would like to receive. Subscription management allows your subscribers to opt-down versus opting-out completely, preserving your subscribers in the long run.

 Email marketing profile & subscription management
 Email marketing surveys


The number one way to find out an answer is to ask the question or, in our case, multiple questions. Whether it is a single web poll or a multi-question survey with conditional branching, we know how to extract the answers you need to make smart business decisions.


Creating HTML eMails that render well on desktops, tablets and mobile
is more than an art; it’s also a science. Our designers do both!

CRM Integration

We have the expertise to connect your Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, ACT!, Sage, or any other CRM you can think of, directly into whatever email platform you choose. The benefit is that you harness all your data without rebuilding the wheel. We show you how to integrate, personalize content and track emails, all through your preferred CRM.

Email marketing CRM integration

Email marketing graphic design

Graphic Design

Most people come to us for their email designs and templates. Did you know that we also design banners, web forms, surveys, landing pages and any graphic design path your email touches?


It’s not just pretty pictures and pixels on the page that creates opportunities; the chosen words and where they lead are vital to your results. We have the writers to produce the most effective copy to convey the essence of your message and to encourage action on the part of your subscribers.

 Email marketing copywriting
 Email marketing translation


Chances are if you email in North America, you have more than three languages to accommodate in order to reach your ideal audience. Not only can we translate into English, French and Spanish, we have the ability to cover off 25 other languages and deliver properly formatted emails encoded to the correct character set.


Whether campaigns are commercial or transactional, we know
how to integrate into other platforms too.

Journey Development

Let us help target, personalize, and optimize event-driven lifecycle marketing programs for each customer by harnessing your data. Remove the “who, what, where and when” by developing automated strategies to meet every need, no matter where your customers are in the lifecycle.

Email marketing journey development
Email marketing newsletters


Sometimes you have more than just a single offer or message. Utilizing a newsletter allows you to insert multiple pieces of content with the goal of engaging subscribers with one or many items.

Predictive Intelligence

Why send a plain old newsletter when you can send an Intelligent Newsletter? Utilize predictive intelligence along with your data to serve your customers a truly personalized experience, offering them the information that they want and need. Drive up your engagement, remove disengaging content, and increase ROI with The eMail Company.

Email marketing predictive intelligence
Real-time email marketing content integration

Real-Time Email Content Integration

Real-time content integration allows you to insert content based on language settings, to display countdown timers to increase urgency and to feature local weather and news, all based on your subscriber data and physical location.

Promotional and Transactional Emails

Sometimes you need to promote an item. Other times you need to send confirmations or other transactional emails delivered in real-time and triggered by an event. Our email servers allow you to do both, with a broad range of solutions tailored to your campaign goals.

Promotional and transactional eMail marketing
 Email marketing project management

Project Management

Sometimes you need a helping hand and sometimes you need a whole team. Our Project Management staff can help you manage your programs from start to finish. You can rely on our team of PMP-Certified email marketing experts.


See real-time performance of your campaigns with our interactive reporting dashboard.

Click, Open, Bounce and Unsubscribe Reports

Click, Open, Bounce and Unsubscribe Reports are the basics of any email campaign reporting. These standard reports are available in bar chart, line graph, pie chart, or any way you wish to view them, for quick access and analysis of basic statistics.

Click, open, bounce and unsubscribe eMail marketing reports

Email marketing advanced reporting

Advanced Reporting

Gain real-time insight into the performance of your email campaigns, over time, with details on how specific audience segments respond to your emails. Use a suite of pre-defined and custom email tracking reports.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics closes the loop between your email campaign and your website tracking. Understand your email audience as a new referral source in your Google Analytics or other web-reporting tool. Our unique tagging system allows you to close the loop for advanced conversion tracking.

Email marketing web analytics
Email marketing reporting dashboards

Reporting Dashboards

Why just look at numbers when you can visualize results in meaningful graphs, charts and trend lines that make those numbers come alive? Our reports help people see and understand data.

RFM – Recency, Frequency and Monetary Reports

“Recency, Frequency and Monetary” are music to any online retailer’s ears. Get instant access to performance metrics that allow you to make smart business decisions in real time.

Email marketing RFM - Recency, frequency and monetary reports


We help you integrate your email marketing efforts across
mobile, social and web media. 

Email marketing mobile messaging - SMS & Push

Mobile Messaging – SMS and Push

Create, send, receive and track mobile (SMS) text messages to expand communication with your customers and provide information where and when they want it. SMS communications can be automated, including powering your mobile apps with Push notifications, so you can reach your customers both at their messaging inbox and through their mobile app notifications.

Web & Social Integration

We ask that you not come to us to build your website or social media plan. Instead, we’ll help you utilize your website and social media to collect new subscribers. Consider utilizing new landing pages and web forms to add additional subscriber touch points, as well as empowering your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles to drive new subscribers based on content and interest.

Email marketing web & social integration
Email marketing RSS integration

RSS Integration

Utilize our RSS Integration technology, allowing you to take any RSS feed from a website or blog and power your email newsletter with new content. Utilizing RSS allows you to repurpose content with the push of a button, rather than spending long hours picking and choosing and reformatting articles from web to email.

Offline, Direct and Out-of-Home Media

Utilize our strategic thinking and insight to help you empower your Offline, Direct and Out-of-Home Media. We’ll help you promote your email programs, drive subscription traffic and close the loop on conversion, harnessing and integrating your email interaction with the offline world.

Email marketing offline, direct and out-of-home media

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