eMail Marketing Technology

eMail Marketing Technology 

 We are a team of skilled technicians and engineers who have the experience  to make sure your next campaign executes flawlessly. Thinking about buying, renting or using any of the tools below? Ask us first, we would be happy to share our experience.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud / ExactTarget

Salesforce Marketing Cloud lets businesses of any size grow their business with professional level email marketing. Even small businesses can utilize marketing automation that will help bring in new customers and nurture the ones they already have, without an army of marketers. The tool lets you plan, personalize and optimize the customer journey, know your customers better, and measure your results so you can maximize your marketing spend.

ExactTarget eMail Marketing

Salesforce eMail Marketing

Salesforce Marketing Cloud eMail Marketing


We ask that you not come to us to build your website or a social media plan. Instead, we’ll help you utilize your website and social media to collect new subscribers. Consider utilizing new landing pages and web forms to add additional subscriber touch points, as well as empowering your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles to drive new subscribers based on content and interest.

FormStack eMail Marketing

Litmus eMail Marketing

SurveyGizmo eMail Marketing

eMail Marketing Landing Page and Forms

eMail Marketing Custom-API development


Content management systems to help store and convey content in an efficient manner.  We use a number of titles that aid to get your message across.

Content CTRL eMail marketing

Wordpress eMail marketing


Data is one the pillars of your marketing program, and we know data.  Utilizing a number of applications and query function – we are able to slice and dice your database for more meaningful executions.

Access eMail marketing

Excel eMail marketing

MySQL eMail marketing

SQL Server eMail marketing


Our specialists are well versed with the latest reporting titles and can demonstrate how your campaign has performed in a number of ways.   Leveraging new applications such as Tableau, can help make complex tracking metrics into sometime much more visual and digestible.

Adobe Genesis eMail marketing

Google Analytics eMail marketing

Tableau eMail marketing


Programming languages are our forte and we use the most popular and specific forms.  Email and Web differ in many ways and we know what will render well in your inbox, browser, and even device.

HTML, Java, CSS eMail marketing eMail marketing

PHP eMail marketing

Jquery eMail marketing

Apex eMail marketing

Ampscript eMail marketing


Jeff Ginsberg, Chief eMail Marketing Officer

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